Top 5 Reasons Why Penetration Testing Is Viable For Your Business


Penetration testing is a security exercise where a cyber-security expert attempts to find and exploit vulnerabilities in a computer system. The purpose of this simulated attack is to identify any weak spots in a system’s defenses that attackers could take advantage of.


Why does your business need Penetration Testing?
  • Prepare for the unexpected and unknown: Despite their best efforts and significant investment, major firms such as Microsoft, Adobe, and others suffered zero-day threats. While large breaches and hacks were experienced by Facebook, Marriott International, and others. This means that even huge players are vulnerable to security flaws and zero-day attacks. As a result, it is critical that all businesses, large, medium, and small, do pen-testing to uncover undiscovered and unforeseen dangers and hazards so that they can better prepare. 
  • The advantage to the first mover: Even major flaws can take up to 100 days to be patched after they’ve been discovered. As a result, businesses must take advantage of the first-mover advantage that penetration testing provides in order to uncover, patch, and resolve vulnerabilities before hackers do.
  • The cost of hacking and attacks is significant and rising: The cost of cybersecurity breaches and attacks includes not only monetary costs like repair and escalation fees, but also losses such as downtimes, poor network performance, brand image, reputation, loyalty, and, most significantly, lost consumers. The latter has a long-term impact on businesses. You may save money and preserve the long-term viability of your company by regularly detecting and monitoring web applications for flaws and weaknesses.
  • Boost the effectiveness of your cybersecurity strategy and plans: Penetration testing reveals the strengths, vulnerabilities, and status/performance of your security measures and infrastructure by simulating/recreating a real-world assault environment. Businesses can improve their cybersecurity strategy and risk mitigation plans by gaining these insights, becoming more proactive, identifying areas that need to be strengthened and those that require more investment/attention.
  • Security regulations observance: Penetration testing will assist firms to comply with a growing number of rules relating to customer data and data security.

Know All Edge Penetration Testing Services discover internal and external security vulnerabilities through a simulated cyber attack. Performed by our highly skilled experts using sophisticated testing tools and technology, this test provides unparalleled insight into security vulnerabilities that could be exploited and result in a data breach. Learn more about our Penetration Testing service at our website.

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