Know All Edge provides Commvault Endpoint Data Protection Solution for one of the top PSU Bank.




Banking & Finance

  • Commvault Endpoint Backup
  • Commvault Endpoint Data
  • Protection Technology
Business Benefits
  •  Reduce Operational Complexity
  • Understand your data better
  • Streamline Backup via One Platform instead of multiple points
  • Expedite Recovery and Operate with less downtime
  • Plan for future with easily scalable Single core platform

With today’s growing threat against ransomware and to have backup of important
data. One of our customer in BFSI industry wanted to secure all its endpoints PAN
India so there is no data loss and they are compliant.


Implement backup in a restricted network environment.

Work with a limited bandwidth on which web-applications also run and not to choke the network.

The protection and availability of data in the case of a Ransomware attack was a big concern.

Seamless Data backup for endpoints over the internet to central DC if the user is roaming.

Managing over 1500 (and growing) endpoints across multiple platforms.

With increasing volumes of data, the current approach of backup and recovery to physical media such as USBs proved to be inefficient and dated

Ineffective data replication across branches affected customer’s disaster recovery plan.


Know All Edge Team engaged with the customer team from day 1 and we minutely
understood their key pain points and also the restrictions we had to worked under
considering restricted access and limited network bandwidth and multiple data points to be worked upon, we made exhaustive list of customer requirements and business problems with regards to endpoint data protection and addressed it using Commvault Endpoint Data Protection solution.

Commvault endpoint backed up locally at all local locations and with a set retention after which the data will automatically age out.

 A copy of the data is then saved locally and replicated to central locations on disk drive as well as autoloaders in both DC & DR locations.


Robust redundancy which keeps backup system up 99.999% of the time.
Option to add any amount of storage/clients/servers in future incase required.

With adoption of Commvault, customer was able to achieve multi-level backups with one single solution. The risk of data loss was minimized.

Data from 1500 endpoint devices in multi-locations backed up seamlessly from multi locations to the DC and then Replication across DR site and taping out the data at both sites using autoloaders helping customer achieve 100% compliance as per banking standards.

With the implementation of the Commvault platform and through its data deduplication and compression technologies, customer has leveraged this to consolidate its backup services and enabling optimized processes to cover large data volumes.

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