Know All Edge provides Backup & Replication to help one of the largest Retail Chains using Commvault Backup & Recovery platform.



Commvault Enterprise Backup
and Recovery for Critical

Business Benefits
• Regain control and visibility
• Minimize data breaches
• Integrate file and folder
level encryption
• Accelerated eDiscovery
and Compliance
Search Operations


Commvault Backup &
Recovery includes
everything you need to
conduct backup, recovery
and archiving activities,
enable operational
reporting and perform
hardware snapshot
management, all in one
complete solution.


Customer needed to create a completely new IT infrastructure to support business
transformation for a rapid expansion, securing business-critical data.

Customer wanted a backup for SAP HAHA, one of the key drivers behind customer’s selection criteria of the platform, providing them with a more holistic approach to data management.

They were looking for seamless integration with other applications to provide the ability to protect and recover database copies efficiently and reliably.

Achieve RPO and RTO as per the compliance.

Complex Customer environment with data spread across DC, DR, HO and store locations.

Wanted a data management solution that would provide scalability and ease of integration, independent of the infrastructure in use.


Know All Edge Team engaged with the customer to completely understand their data landscape, applications, databases and data management strategies.

After careful consideration and Proof of Concept that lasted for almost 6 months, using Commvault we were able to address granularly all the paint points across customer’s complex environments which consisted of multiple applications and databases spread across their Datacenters, DR locations, Head office and store locations.

Know All Edge Team designed the workflows for data backup using automation tools to automate repetitive or highly-complex data management tasks by combining individual process sets in a specific order or decision tree – based on customer-defined policies.

Using a single pane of Glass we were able to provide the solution for data protection of critical workloads, infrastructure, endpoints, PoS within defined RPO & RTO.


Commvault’ s enterprise data management platform reduced data backup and restoration times by up to 70 per cent, enhancing awareness and visibility of data storage and improving the ability to recover quickly and completely.

Seamless integration with SAP HANA provided the ability to backup and protect large database more efficiently and reliably.

Business Continuity and disaster recovery assurance using intellisnap, and network efficient replication from the main data-centre to the disaster recovery site.

Store location compliance with a local restore of DB in case of the failure of the PoS and thus helping the customer achieve RPO & RTO compliance.

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