Know All Edge Networks implements Trend Micro Hybrid Cloud Security to efficiently monitor and safeguard customer’s crown jewel servers being one of the premier credit rating agency.






Trend Micro Deep Security & IMSVA

Business Benefits

  • Optimizes data centre resources
  • Manages security efficiently, even while transitioning to new environments
  • Prevents data breaches and business disruptions
  • Reduces operational costs

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ allows you to automate security within your DevOps processes and deliver multiple XGen™ threat defense techniques for protecting
runtime physical, virtual, cloud, and container workloads, as well as scanning of container images in the software build


Data security was of utmost importance because of the nature of business and the criticality of customer data.

Most of the servers are exposed to the internet today so it becomes very important for the customer to protect these servers from any external threat and vulnerabilities.

With the kind of attacks and threats which are surfacing it was imperative to have a strong strategy against target attacks which could further improve the security posture of the organization


After careful consideration and granularly understanding, customer pain points Know All Edge proposed Trend Micro Deep Security which provided the customer with HIPS, Virtual Patching, Integrity Monitoring, Log Inspection, Anti-Malware and Firewall in a single agent with a single dashboard which also helped for compliance reporting.

Deep Security was deployed in the data centre as a single multi-function agent across various different environments.

It helped the team to immensely simplify the security operations with a single management dashboard across all the functions.

Virtual patching helped to improve the patching cycle and protect against the zero-day vulnerability. Virtual patching is completely automated which makes it easy to implement across the data centre.


The implementation of Hybrid Cloud Security allowed the customer to efficiently monitor all possible threats and effectively safeguard the information that their customers trust them with.

This helped the customer to protect against malicious attacks to their servers, virtual patching functionality virtually shielded their servers by applying on the fly IPS rules and protect against the zero-day vulnerability.

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