Know All Edge – Maximizes Business Value of Data with Faster Backup and Recovery Solution for Largest Container Freight Terminal in GCC

United Arab Emirates


Commvault Backup & Recovery

Provided Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery Software for Virtual Machine Protection, Critical App & Database Backup, Exchange Database Management & Replication.

At a glance

  • Mission-critical workloads
    requiring almost 100% uptime
  • 500+ Virtual Machines
  • A large number of distributed files
    and mailboxes
  • Quick RTO/RPO’s data

Platform / File System

  • VMware Virtualization Clusters
  • Data Distributed across Multiple SAN Storages

Key Assets Protected

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Oracle databases
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • VMware Virtual servers
  • Microsoft Windows and SQL,
  • Linux servers
  • 35 Terabytes of data

Commvault Backup & Recovery includes everything you need to conduct backup, recovery and archiving activities, enable operational reporting and perform hardware snapshot management, all in one complete solution.

“The way that Commvault
integrates into our virtual
environments and lets us
quickly bring back a VM from a
point in time has been pretty
much flawless. We are now
confident that the backup data
that we’re retaining is valid
and that the event of a disaster
or application failure, we’re
able to quickly recover both at
any level.”
“Know All Edge Professional
Services was of great
assistance in testing all our use
cases and also some DR
operations. Also, their ongoing
support has probably been one
of the best we have dealt with.
The process has always been
fast and straightforward, from
logging calls to getting
– IT Infrastructure


Being recognized as one of the best ports in the world, this state-of-the-art terminal has facilities for full and partial bonded container shipments, the full range of container packing services, short-term warehousing for de-consolidated cargo as well as easy connectivity with container terminals.

The strategic position of the port makes them an important catalyst in the global trading business. They manage and operate 11 ports & terminals in GCC and thus their operations and services are of the highest regard. With working with 4 time zones which facilitate overlapping operating hours for international transactions, their data and business applications are to be Always On & Available.

  • Substantial challenges in pursuit to streamline the backup processes & not get into uncertainty associated with tape-based backups
  • Improve backup success rate and data restore time
  • Quick and Accurate Granular Restore of Files & Critical Databases
  • Meet internal customer service level agreements for backups
  • Cope with shrinking IT resources
  • Supporting development activities with rapid replication of test data

Know All Edge (KAE) Team engaged with Customers IT & Application team to find customer pain points and understand data landscape, to design the Backup & Data Protection solution tailored to their specific RPO & RTO and compliance needs,

KAE’s Solution Architect chalked out a comprehensive strategy for backup with a successful proof of concept and testing of their use cases before actual purchase and deployment of the product. This helped the customer to gain confidence in the solution and eventually finalizing the Backup Solution.

The solution can easily be supported for 3 years to meet the scalability demands by the customer. Customer is using a solution to take app aware backups of critical workloads like Oracle and also to protect and manage the heavily virtualized environment where 90% of its servers are on VMware. Commvault single pane of glass for management of entire backup infra has given the customer peace of mind

Know All Edge Professional Services team successfully implemented Commvault
Complete™ Backup & Recovery solution in a weeks’ time to support their critical business timelines and also meet the customer SLA. Customers’ IT team praised the deployment of the solution adding, “We managed to complete the installation within budget and have reduced our overhead to maintain the solution going forward.

commvault case study

  • The easy-to-manage solution can grow with the virtualized environment.
  • Deduplication significantly reduced primary disk usage.
  • App Aware Backups of Oracle with Granular Restore of even schemas
  • Commvault software can leverage existing SAN infrastructure.
  • Business continuity is assured and more economical.

Commvault software seamlessly protects Customer’s physical and virtualized
servers, making it easy to switch to a virtual IT infrastructure. More than 300
virtual machines (VM), including two Oracle clusters and five SQL clusters, run on
standardized hardware within the Customer’s environment.

Commvault’s flexible approach to protecting physical and virtual machines meant Customer could replace their ageing storage system with standardized hardware to reduce costs and simplify management, by avoiding installing a backup agent on each VM.

Commvault software provides high scalability, availability and resiliency to Customer’s virtualized infrastructure. Any time a new VM is rolled out, it is backed up automatically, without manual intervention, leveraging storage already available on existing arrays.

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