Know All Edge Implements TDE For India’s One of the Top Asset Management Company.

Know All Edge implements TDE for One of India’s top Asset Management companies to secure critical Databases and adhere to compliance. Being the premier and most trusted Indian brand, our client is one of the renowned players in the asset management business. The fund management house is a favored Investing Manager among the investor community due to its methodical investment discipline and high standard of financial ethics and corporate governance with a huge investor base. As per regulatory compliance, they have to secure critical databases using encryption technology to protect sensitive data.
Customer needed an encryption solution compatible with Oracle database and MS SQL installed in the infrastructure and were looking to protect their sensitive data using database encryption technology.


In addition, they further required it as a part of compliance regulations to safeguard sensitive customer data. Their administrators were faced with the difficult and expensive process of handling diverse encryption keys for a variety of databases acquired over time from various vendors.


Furthermore, because each instance of Oracle Server had its own encryption key, a key management with divergent support added to the complexity and increased the chance of keys being lost or stolen.
Know All Edge helped customer to achieve the agility and stability of available encryption solutions, and how various files can be safely protected. Other encryption solutions customer evaluated had performance problems as encryption would overlap or be chained with other storage I/O operations, and most solutions require work process, database schema or other modifications because metadata could change after deploying encryption and, cannot be read from databases or apps.


Know All Edge proposed Thales’s solutions which provide excellent performance for both encryption and decryption that are compatible the existing environments. Customer considered these advantages and chose CipherTrust Transparent Encryption.
Thales enterprise key management solution enables customer to manage keys centrally and independently of database applications, allowing them to optimise operations, meet regulatory requirements, and better protect sensitive data.


Operational Efficiency:To lower administrative costs, Thales provides a single unified platform for centrally managing cryptographic keys and rules across numerous database setups.


Customers was able save money and avoid the difficulty of managing various database encryption silos by using solution provided by Know All Edge, which covered a wide range of database options.
  •  Installation of Encryption solution compatible with oracle database with MS SOL installed with sensitive data protection solution.
  • Ensured safeguarding of sensitive customer data.
  • The admin now faced zero difficulties and handling of Transparency Data Encryption keys is easier and of low budget after enquiring with different vendors.
  • All in one encryption solution keys were installed instead of keeping the structure complex which had increased the chance to get the key stolen.
Customer Speaks

“We recognized that Thales’s encryption solution has been on the market for a long time, and the Thales team has gained and leveraged their know-how and technical skills. And we trusted our their track record of install base in a similar industry like ours”

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