Know All Edge helps one of India’s Top Fund House implement a ‘Connected Threat Defense and Response Strategy’ using Trend Micro Security Solutions.




Financial Services,
Professional Services


  • Anti APT – Deep Discovery Inspector
  • Data Center Security – Deep Security
  • Endpoint Protection – Smart Protection Suite

Business Benefits

  • Provides improved visibility into security threats
  • Enables early threat detection and mitigation
  • Protects against zero-day vulnerabilities

Trend Micro’s Connected Threat Defense
is a layered security approach that gives
you a better way to quickly protect, detect, and respond to new threats, while simultaneously improving visibility and streamlining investigation across your organization.


With ever-increasing cyber-attacks and most solutions working in silos with no integration or intelligence sharing customer was looking at evaluating a solution that would automate security, make it more resilient and self-defending.

With growing security risks and a complex IT environment they were looking for a
flexible, customizable, easy-to-manage solution suitable for their business.

A solution that would help them combat the challenges of securing and protecting data and network from potential security risks and cyber threats.


After careful evaluation of Customer’s challenges and each and every aspect in terms of automation and response of security across all layers, Know All Edge Team along with Trend Micro’s Team came up with a solution that:

  • Helped customer deploy solution which provided visibility into potential security threats and increased protection against zero-day vulnerabilities using Anti-APT, Datacenter Security, Mail, Web and Endpoint with an integrated approach.
  • It also improved operational efficiency by reducing unscheduled patching events, customer code fixes and enhanced productivity due to reduced unscheduled downtime.
  • We ensured that servers and endpoints were not vulnerable and defended against zero-day threats, breaches, and business disruptions by adapting a virtual patching mechanism.
  • We also deployed a strong network defence strategy that gave 360-degree visibility and countermeasure in place to supplement the traditional security they used.

Centralized management solution that provides a single, integrated interface to manage, monitor, and report across multiple layers of security.

The solutions offered by us resulted in improved operational security, operational efficiency, ease of security management and integration and automation.

The security solution integrates seamlessly with the existing established IT infrastructure and organization’s IT ecosystem to deliver cutting-edge protection without impacting on system performance.

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