Know All Edge – Deploys First Commvault HyperScaleTM Appliance delivering savings, speed & security for India’s Top Law Firm






Commvault HyperScal



Deployed Commvault HyperScale Appliance for data protection, Disaster Recovery, Virtual Machine Management,
Deduplication & Replication.

At a glance
  • Large mobile workforce from across the world using VDI.
  • Huge number of confidential case files and mailboxes
  • Quick RTO/RPO’s & Data Compliance
Platform / File System
  • VMware Virtualization
  • Citrix VDI
Key Assets Protected
  • SQL Database workloads
  • Citrix File Server & Database
  • Microsoft Exchange, Active
  • 10TB of Enterprise Vault Data
  • Approximately 150+ VMware and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) virtual machines

Commvault Backup & Recovery includes
everything you need to conduct backup, recovery and archiving activities, enable operational reporting and perform hardware snapshot management, all in one complete solution.

” The most important benefit of consolidating our backup solutions into Commvault are simplicity and single vendor management. All we had
to do was purchase one Hyper Converge appliance instead of getting servers, storage and licenses separately. I no longer need to deal with multiple vendors. I just work with Commvault and my backup infrastructure, now we complete our backup in less than 45 minutes and just fifteen minutes for critical application management
systems, thanks to power of Commvault HyperScale.” –
Infrastructure Manager


The largest full-service law firm in India and playing a preeminent role in India’s legal sector, with over 750 lawyers, including around 130 partners, and offices in India’s key business centres – Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Chennai. Customer supports a large and varied client base including domestic and foreign commercial enterprises, financial institutions, private equity funds, venture capital funds, start-ups, and governmental and regulatory bodies. Which means providing timely, innovative, integrated, relevant and solution-oriented legal advice, which is also cost-effective.

  •  Siloed infrastructure with multiple, fragmented UI’s to configure backup workflow, forklift and disruptive updates.
  • Slow restores, last point in time only.
  • With Shrinking back-up and recovery windows, Backups were taking longer with greater demands on application availability
  • More data and more frequent backups meant particularly long recovery times, questionable reliability, and the potential for error associated with manual tape handling processes.
  • Complicated and time-consuming to manage different vendor solutions and daily backup operations.
  • The need to reduce capital expenditure and complexity in backup environments
  • Constant up-skilling and administration effort required to manage three different backup solutions effectively

Know All Edge Team engaged with Customer team to carry out exhaustive study of the customer’s complex application and data landscape, understanding each of the requirements in-depth and also the RPO & RTO and compliance needs, subsequently.

Know All Edge team of Subject Matter Experts recommended & helped customer implement Commvault HyperScale solution to support the degree of scalability demanded by the customer. Now customer is using solution to protect and manage the heavily virtualized environment where 95% of its servers are on VMware.

The introduction of Commvault’s single platform for management of the virtual
environment ensured easy handling of hypervisor protection, VDI environment &

Also handled backup associated with the firm’s files, emails, SQL databases and Exchange mailboxes to ensure compliance with legal requirements and reduce organizational risk.

  • Deduplication delivers 90% reduction in data under management, cost savings and optimized performance.
  • OPEX savings over three years with modernized always available backup infrastructure.
  • Simplified vendor management by consolidating multiple backup solutions and eliminating the need to purchase servers, storage and licenses separately.
  • Improved performance reduces the number of helpdesk requests by 50%, shifting IT team from technician to strategic enabler.
  • Gained a more sustainable data center environment by cutting floor space and energy consumption.
  • True Purpose Build Backup Appliance with 3 fully redundant nodes cluster and no single point of failure.

With a single Commvault backup environment, they moved closer to becoming a sustainable leader by cutting data center floor space and power consumption, and by recycling hardware—without incurring additional costs.

Commvault’s add-on features like Live Sync, Live Sync with replication and VM recoveries also helped them prevent data loss in the event of ransomware or malware attacks. IT staff can now run transaction logs any time and rapidly restore data with Commvault HyperScale Appliances.

Know All Edge Professional Services assisted with the design, data migration and fine-tuning of the system, allowing them to complete the transition without disrupting normal business operations.

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