Group IT reduces RTO & RPO and delivers significant savings with efficient backup solution partnering with Know All Edge

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The customer is an Internal IT services provider of one of India’s oldest business houses, providing umbrella IT services to various group businesses with a strong reputation as an internal provider of IT, networking and Internet services.
  • The legacy tape-based backup product had limited support for enterprise workloads and multiple cloud platforms being used by various different businesses.
  • Long backup window time negatively impacted data availability.
  • Legacy backup systems lacked the functionality they needed to ensure all data was protected
  • Risk due of data loss due to Ransomware
Customers were looking to the cloud for growth and recently launched its private Cloud for projects across different group verticals.
Know All Edge Team along with the Commvault team implemented a hybrid backup solution with a combination of HyperScale Appliances and capacity-based license for traditional physical and legacy applications as well as virtual environment backups with ransomware-aware protection capabilities.
  • Significant reduction in storage costs and 35% less storage consumption annually with implementation of HyperScale Appliance.
  • Significant reduction in backup window time — from two days to just less than 4 hours, with better RPO and RTO compared with earlier tape-based backup.
  • 35-40% improvement in the overall efficiency for resources management.
  • Enhanced customer experience by using a stable and secure data protection tool to support backups for all enterprise workloads and multi-cloud services.
  • Enabled IT team to focus on new features and technology rather than stabilizing backup operation

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many customers are working from home and they have become extremely focused on endpoint protection,” said VP IT. “We are now using Commvault to protect over 450 servers and databases for our group business. This capability has empowered us to expand protection service and provide a complete backup portfolio to our internal group companies.”

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