Know All Edge Provides Commvault Endpoint Data Protection Solution For One Of The Top PSU Bank.

Know All Edge Provides Commvault Endpoint Data Protection Solution For One Of The Top PSU Bank.
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  • A data breach whereby client information is stolen and published.

  • Intellectual property (patent) information stolen.

  • Changes to case files, dates, bank account numbers, etc.


Solution: A vulnerability assessment exposes a wide range of risks in each network or different systems of each part of the ecosystem. It identifies the vulnerabilities which need guidance, Patching and maintenance alone may not be enough to solve misconfigurations and policy non-compliance issues. It makes sure that your system is not hacked by any Bad Guy, so your data, sensitive client data and every information is safe which makes your Sensitive Information valid to court. Cyber threats come at any moment of time, and a real-time alert has been issued, so you are known to any kind of threat and can respond to it any time.   



  • Closing any vulnerability and protecting critical systems and information are remediation steps.

  • Threats and holes in IT security should be identified early and consistently.

  • Infrastructure Protection against Data breaches and unauthorized access.

  • Monitoring of your data and your Infrastructure so you get early alerts on any kind of cyber-attacks.


Results: CyberNX Solution always gives clear, actionable information on all risks detected, as well as the necessary remedial measures. This allows risk managers to prioritize solutions based on the organization's overall cyber risk profile. Our approach will reduce your vulnerability to cyber threats, improve your standards of protection across your organization's data and system.

Client speaks:

CyberNX Solution and Expert advice helped my firm a lot. Now I can sleep restlessly knowing my System is free from cyberattacks and from any kind of threats.

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